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Leveraging our unparalleled expertise of professional recruitment principles, along with a deep understanding of international manpower recruitment processes,
we provide comprehensive HR services & recruitment solutions to maximize our clients' manpower potential.



UAE, India, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Egypt, Philippines, Malaysia

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Doctors, Nurses, Engineers, Finance, Banking, Marketing, Designers, Human Resources, Supply Chain and many more.

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Hospital, Construction, Shipping, Retail, Logistics, Travel & Tourism, Media & E-Commerce etc.

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Excellent exposure in International Recruitments and clients serving across the globe


  • Hi Team Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for your help in getting my resume constructed. Your ad says you get results and you have not disappointed as I start a new job next week. Could not have done it without you. Once again thanks a million.
    Dubai, U.A.E
  • I really wanted to thank you for your excellent service. Ever since I use the resume that you’ve written, the number of employers that contacted me increased. I’ve landed myself to a great job currently, and your service was the one that opened my way to this opportunity.
  • Sir, My sincere thanks to you for providing me the quality and correct, specific profiles. I also request you to extend your support and guidance to reach right career path at right place. Ready to pay your premium charges for same.

Best Recruitment Agency in Dubai

Located on the coastline of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is one of the seven emirates of UAE. Dubai attracts traders from various parts of the globe. Dubai generates her revenue solely from its oilrig industry. Both Federer government and private owned business have been hiring skilled work force since decades, in order for the country to maintain her ’Global city’’ tag. However, it is essential to know the basic employment laws in Dubai before dabbing into job applications in Dubai. Some recruitment agencies see lack of knowledge about Dubai employment laws as the perfect opportunity to retrieve money from applicants. lack of knowledge about Dubai employment laws as the perfect opportunity to retrieve money from applicants.

Who gets Recruited in Dubai?

United Arab Emirates may be in some economic trials recently particularly speaking about global oversupply, and oil price fluctuation. This situation doesn’t stop the employment rate, and people of all level can be employed. The best opportunities are in oil and non-oil industries such as retail sector, ICT, consumer goods and the likes. In terms of recruitment in Dubai, most expats seek for job positions via recruitment agencies or online. Application can be made through CV or online application form. It is legal to advertise for a certain age, gender, or nationality.

Work force/manpower supply in Dubai

Total work force of a nation consists of men and women both. If there is more manpower than available jobs, it is called manpower surplus; if available manpower is fewer than jobs, it is called manpower deficit. As regards manpower supply in Dubai, Accel HR Consulting is one of the leading manpower agencies in dubai, we take care of supplying the needed manpower at exactly where they are needed. Owing to incredible client’s demand, we manage to supply professional, skilled, and semi-skilled classes to the commercial sector of the UAE market.

Professional resuming writing services in Dubai

It is very important to make a good impression on a potential employer, and what unique way to do it than to impress them with a well-written CV/resume. This is why you need a professional to write your resume for you. Cover letter and resuming writing service by Accel HR Consulting have become highly popular among job seekers who want to dish out a pay to get a unique resume that they can hand over confidently anywhere in the UAE. You may encounter problems or issues about your job history that you may not be able to handle by yourself. Professional resume writers at HR Accel Consulting know the technique of tackling different circumstances & challenges job seekers face in Dubai. The best decision to make over the course of your job hunting is to let the professionals take care of your resume for you. It’s an added advantage.


With all said above, we believe you would have had an adequate understanding of the Dubai job markets. Some recruiting agencies just want to extort you of your funds while Accel HR Consulting has experienced and dedicated recruiters for different fields, good customer service, and a high percentage of successful placements and a hefty network of companies with which we have contracts. It is safe to apply for jobs in Dubai through a recruitment agency in Dubai.

Understand our business and then apply for a position in using the "Apply Now" button shown below for further information. Please do understand our company policy as we get over hundred applications a day and our main focus is serving our clients' needs in reaching out for the right talents. If you want to be included in our portfolio, if you wish to be considered with the appropriate Projects, if you are one with the ELITE, if your CV selected and our network of hundreds headhunters and thousands companies to be proposed, if you wish to have the chance to be invited for an interview, if you count to the best candidate of the Top 5 Headhunters, then you have to pay for the high demand a handling fee of 10 USD = 40 AED.

These are the only cost that you have! Rest our customers pay the recruitment fee. You are recommended to read the mentioned job description carefully and if you think the required job description is matching to your profile then only apply as no refunds will be entertained.

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