Thousands of individuals come to Dubai and the UAE every year looking for jobs, a better pay and a better lifestyle is what they are looking for when they come to Dubai. It gets increasingly difficult for companies to complete the recruitment process in Dubai. Choosing the best candidate from a large pool of candidates is not an easy task. You can get so frustrated of all the paperwork and background checks that it gets tiring and monotonous after a while. Finding the best candidate out of thousands is like finding a needle in a haystack. For this reason, companies are forced to hire a recruitment staff so they can handle all the job applications, screen them, schedule & conduct interviews, test them for the required skill set, and shortlist the most suitable candidates that meet the requirements. But there are drawbacks of hiring your own recruitment staff

Disadvantages of hiring a recruiter in dubai

Though you have hired a specialist to deal with your search for the perfect candidate, recruiting is never a one person job for handling thousands of applications. When you hire a recruiter you need to bear the visa cost and pay for other benefits too. Over time, you will have to hire more staff to speed up the process. It will increase your expenses ten folds and will cost you in plain words just too much for hiring the right candidate. Your company will be a subject to constant phone calls from applicants to know their job status, for scheduling interviews or to enquire about job positions. This will, in turn, cause a distraction and reduce the productivity of your employees due to the constant ringing and noise.
Long ques outside the office and day-long interview sessions will take up most of the space in the office. Not to mention the salaries of your recruiter/s and the add-ons or benefits you will have to provide them with. It becomes very tough for the company to deal with all this while hiring the candidates. As there are many applicants the time to think and review every applicant its shortened considerably. Not all the candidates can be thoroughly interviewed and reviewed, and that will cause a problem in selection as you will not fully know which of the applicants are well qualified for a particular post or title.
Due to these reasons, a company should look to hire a recruitment agency for their benefits.

Advantages of hiring a recruitment agency in dubai

Like we said above it gets tough for a recruiter and for a company to go through all the job applications and schedule and take interviews of all the candidates. A recruitment agency helps you to deal with this problem efficiently. Once you hire an agency, all the work and paperwork that comes with it will be done in the agency offices. No more phone calls and no more ques outside the office. Moreover, you will get a guarantee of in-depth review and verification of each and every candidate.

The recruitment agencies in Dubai keep transparency and clarity. They will guide you every step of the recruitment and selection process. They are well versed with UAE labor law and understand the sensitivity of the labor issues in Dubai. So companies will never be in breach of the UAE law or incur a heavy fine from the ministry of labor.

All the interviews are taken by experts in the field and asked related questions to the position that is on offer. You will save both time and energy as all the work will be done for you by the agency and their employees. The most important thing of all is that it will be inexpensive and cost efficient which will be way under your budget but with higher quality results.


As we can see hiring a recruiter is an expensive way to go while also causing many distractions and too much work for your company while hiring recruitment agencies in Dubai is cost efficient and will give you better results and candidate reviews than what a recruiter can.

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April 4, 2017

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Thousands of individuals come to Dubai and the UAE every year looking for jobs, a better pay and a better lifestyle is what they are looking […]
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