What are Human Resources Policies and Procedures


HR Policies and procedures define what your organization does and set the parameters for the employees. HR policies and procedures support effective decision making and delegation. HR policies and procedures are basically guidelines about what people can and cannot do, what decisions they can make and what activities are appropriate.

Who needs HR policies and procedures?

Usually small to medium sized companies prefer to hire a professional to develop HR policies and procedures to maximize the efficiency of their HR department. Accel HR Consulting has a team of specialists drawing up HR policies and procedures for companies based in UAE. Our team equips you with the right set of HR policies and procedures that meet the specific needs of your organization. This can be a challenging task if done in-house and time consuming too.


Who is Our Primary Customer?

Our services are for companies and professionals involved in Human Resources planning or Human Resources administration responsible for developing sound HR policies and procedures. Policies and procedures as the cornerstone in strategizing human resources.

What we do?

We highlight all the necessary HR functions and responsibilities. Explain the difference between policies, processes and procedures. It is important to us that our clients understand the purpose of HR policies and procedures and highlight their contribution to the overall organizational success.


We follow the best Writing Techniques

We use appropriate HR policies and procedures writing techniques.

  • Writing in an impersonal style
  • Organizing paragraphs and sentences in structured manner.
  • Using simple, specific and positive language
  • Using active verbs.
  • Applying the correct grammatical rules

Benefits of outsourcing HR Policies and Procedures in Dubai

Access to HR Expertise

Access to HR professionals who have more experience and specialized knowledge than your own HR staff. Hiring employees with the required experience could cost you more than hiring a team of HR consultants. In UAE hiring someone with could cost you a lot.


Our team of experts has developed HR policies and procedures for many companies in UAE. Therefore, they already understand different aspects of creating HR policies and procedures for companies based in Dubai. They can guide you through every step of the way while adopting the best practice in your niche and giving you the right set of policies and procedures that meet your business goals.

Saves Time

Employees don’t waste time going here and there. They know where to look for if they find themselves in a new situation. Our HR policies and procedures serve as a complete guide for the employees. If they have any questions regarding how to apply for holidays to fire safety procedures. By having the policies well communicated to your employees, any ambiguity is eliminated and the employees know exactly what is expected of them.

Higher Employee satisfaction

The HR Polices and procedures implemented by outsourced human resources consultants gains a more positive feedback from the employees. Having an HR expert propose appropriate hr policies and procedures faces less resentment among the employees as our policies and procedures are seen to be fair that benefits everyone not just the organization. Consequently, Polices and procedures drawn up by outsourced HR consultant leads to greater employee satisfaction, enhanced productivity and reduced turnover.

UAE Labor Law

All our HR Policies and procedures are in accordance with UAE Law. Labor law in UAE is updated regularly and it can become difficult for businesses to keep their HR policies and procedures in line with the regulations that affect the workplace in UAE. You may run into violations and get a fine from the government or in the worst case scenario you may also end up losing your license. Our proven, up to date HR policies and procedures will keep you safe from any legal action against your company. Hence, minimizing the risk.

It is our job to stay on top of these laws so you don’t have to lose your sleep. We will make sure your HR policies and procedures comply with the UAE law. We ensure your company and the employees stay safe.


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