Recruitment In Dubai

Accel HR Consulting is one of the best recruitment agencies in Dubai. We specialize in recruitment & placement of highly talented staff. We understand people play a vital role in the success of an organization.

Head Hunting Services in Dubai

Headhunting is the most effective method of proactively recruiting top performers who might not willing for a sudden change. Here, we find the contact details of a specific candidate that has some specific skills and contacts him/her in order to convince him/her to participate in the recruitment process.

In a nutshell, headhunting results in better quality appointments through a process of original research, identification, direct approach and attraction. It is NOT pulling candidates from a database, Resumes databank or Linkedin. We are experts at cross-sector headhunting, sourcing top talent from ANY industry.

  • Headhunting High Achievers for YOUR business
  • All Headhunters are not created equal
  • Executive Headhunters, attracting high achievers

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International Recruitments

Accel HR specialises in international recruitment services for global clients with contingency and/or tactical human resource requirements.

As an international recruitment agency we have taken a step further by associating ourselves with the best of the best candidates from across the globe where we are able to handpick the right applicants for the positions. We have a strong reputation for results, professionalism and exceptional candidate care.

  • Familiarized with recruitment in Gulf region
  • Excellent database for International Placements
  • Experienced staff having extensive Knowledge

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Employees Reference Check

With the positive feedback from the client, Accel HR get a formal reference check conducted about the candidate irrespective of his profession, regarding his work ethics, performance, behavior and other basic details. We also scan Social Media profile of the candidate.

A large number of businesses from different parts of India (and even abroad), of every size, across different industry verticals have selected us for their background screening requirements. This is very effectively used for outsourcing HR support services viz., employment verification, background verification, reference check etc. where the reputation of a candidate is actually the reputation of the organisation.

  • Unbiased information through correct source
  • Valuable and precise feedback
  • Verifications within scheduled timeframe

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Visa & Immigration Assistance

Trusted immigration & visa consultation services which helps the Indian immigration & visa aspirants in a professional yet easy manner. Accel HR facilitates its International Clients recruit more and more skilled manforce from India and facilitates Visa services from its Delhi Office.

Accel HR Consulting is the fastest growing immigration consultants having expertise of providing quality solutions in immigration services to individuals, families and corporate clients those who are seeking to work, study, visit or move to GCC Countries. Our mission remains guaranteeing you hassle-free and enjoyable immigration experience, via eradicating the usual involved stress from it.

  • Processing of visa-submission in India
  • Facilitating immigration & visa prerequisites
  • Skilled and experienced visa consultants

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Orientation Program

Orientation program after recruitment provides a comprehensive introduction to employment and benefits, dress code, work timings etc to the new recruiters in order to be familiar with the organisational policies, work culture and ethics.

Assuming new duties and being in unfamiliar surroundings may cause a little stress and some anxiety for the new employee after the recruitment process has been completed. Orientation program is conducted for creating a positive initial experience and work environment for new joinees. Making the new employee feel welcome, providing the necessary, basic information, and responding to questions and concerns are accomplished by a well-planned orientation.

  • Providing mandatory information as a guide
  • Creating a positive impression and reinforce the employee's decision
  • Ensuring that the first day starts off right

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Understand our business and then apply for a position in using the "Apply Now" button shown below for further information. Please do understand our company policy as we get over hundred applications a day and our main focus is serving our clients' needs in reaching out for the right talents. If you want to be included in our portfolio, if you wish to be considered with the appropriate Projects, if you are one with the ELITE, if your CV selected and our network of hundreds headhunters and thousands companies to be proposed, if you wish to have the chance to be invited for an interview, if you count to the best candidate of the Top 5 Headhunters, then you have to pay for the high demand a handling fee of 10 USD = 40 AED.

These are the only cost that you have! Rest our customers pay the recruitment fee. You are recommended to read the mentioned job description carefully and if you think the required job description is matching to your profile then only apply as no refunds will be entertained.

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