Fig 1. Picking the Right Talent or Future Employees Blog by a Professional Resume Service Provider in Dubai

As one of the leading providers of Professional Resume Service offering Expert Resume Writing Service, in Dubai we understand that hiring the right kind of people for a job profile is a tedious procedure and needs immense level of patience and the ability of utilising resources and time in a smart manner. Smart work over hard work should be the train of thought that should go into a task as enormous as this.

A company or a firm is made up of the right employees who are trained to do the work given by the seniors. An accounting company will prefer people with the relevant background of accounts, and some may even look for additional skill set that complement the main field.

Companies are growing at a phenomenal rate and to match this speedy growth, the employee pool must be among the best of the best. It is the employee’s prerogative to undertake whatever efforts are required to reach the top and maintain consistency. One more pointer that could work in both favours would be the dedication that a potential employee shows for the work that needs to be done.

The first course of action for a prospective employee should be to work on their curriculum vitae, that is the CV. There are things to consider when attempting to write a CV and certain things that employers look for in any resume that they receive. There are Affordable CV Writing Services in Dubai, for example who are efficient.

  1. Preparation of the CV:

The motivation for creating this document is key. The end goal of finding a job must be clarified, which will help with focus and determination. There are two sections of the CV, the first being the academic accomplishments and the second is the non-academic or the extra-curricular achievements. You can turn to Professional Resume Service and are Expert Resume Writing Service, Dubai.

Fig 2. Preparation of the CV – Picking the Right Talent or Future Employees Blog by a Professional Resume Service Provider in Dubai


CV writing is an art and there is a way to handle it. The trick to producing a well written CV can be learnt over time and managed by having a conversation with those who are already working in the field of your liking or even to anyone who is part of the workforce.

Everyone has to start here and climb their way up the ladder, which requires a good deal of self control and willingness to go through the process without too many complains. The nuances must come within the person and projected throughout the entire hiring process at every stage.

  1. The Need to Hire:

Fig 3. The Need to Hire – Picking the Right Talent or Future Employees Blog by a Professional Resume Service Provider in Dubai

Instances that suggest to the employer that it is the time to hire more personnel show up in the work ethic of the current team. Burnout of the team members is a possibility when they are given or they take up more work than is humanely possible to accomplish. This is because they raise the stakes and the individual expectations which ends up disappointing them. This hurts the progress and growth of the firm ultimately.

The employees may not be ready to relinquish the work that they have set out to do not realising that they are playing with the delicate balance of their health and the company’s functioning. Coming to a standstill on all accounts wouldn’t be beneficial.

The changing world brings in its own range of issues and things that need to be evaluated again with a deeper understanding and a broader study, if needed, of the industry and its wants. Skills training should be held and team building exercises to form bonds and strengthen certain aspects of the business acumen. There are two choices in front of the employer, hire a new skilled team or work on the existing team.

The refusal to hire new, fresh talent could cost the firm more than it does good. Opportunities are aplenty, work is diversifying, and one person cannot possess all the skills to tackle all the commitments. Responsibilities must be shared among the many members of the team to ensure success.

Stepping in at the correct time would be ideal and this decision must be taken by the employer. The employer must therefore be well-adept and equipped to take on the challenge and see it through to the best of the abilities.

  1. Procedure for Hiring Candidates:

Steps to ensure that the best candidates are not glossed over or overlooked is within the authority of the employer. First one is initiating the process of hiring. There is a good amount of backend research that goes into this initial phase. Documentation is a clear winner when it comes to the matter of business.

Fig 4. Procedure for Hiring Candidates – Picking the Right Talent or Future Employees Blog by a Professional Resume Service Provider in Dubai

Putting and sorting everything on paper will make work easier and there is a track record that is maintained. A set of things that the employer is looking out for when hiring, and rules for the employees to follow is clearly mentioned in the documents.

When someone is on a lookout for jobs, to better understand what they are getting themselves into, a job description is required to explain what the profile entails. It is a detailed file which covers what is expected of the person in the time they spend at the job.

The pre-requisites that have to be part of the applicant’s profile will differ depending on the kind of things the applicant has done and what should be included in the application. A content writing profile will look for previous experience in this area, an engineering job will need a degree in this field. This makes more sense for the employer.

The working environment, the hours required, the work culture, the interaction and exchange of information between the management and the staff, between the superiors and those who work under the boss must be appropriately spelt out, so that the applicants are informed and can take the next step. It falls in the hands of the applicant whether they want to accept and move ahead with receiving the offer or not.

The other aspect highlighted should be benefits and remunerations offered to the employees. What is the rough expectation of a compensation, how much can the company partake in and part with?

The next phase is the point of attracting potential employees to join the company. One strategy employed is that of employee referrals. It is a tried and tested technique and has its benefits. There is a wider candidate pool that is generated if the existing employees send in their referrals.

This also speeds up the hiring process and there is less work to be done. Job posting is another method to engage with the potential applicants and might prove to be useful for the company growth.

This takes us to the next phase of hiring which is the candidate screening and evaluation techniques. The shortlisted candidates are picked out from a cesspool of millions, if not more. This requires more manpower so that it is not as time consuming as it is made out to be.

Fig 5. Hiring the Candidate – Picking the Right Talent or Future Employees Blog by a Professional Resume Service Provider in Dubai


The challenges with short listing candidates can be done away with use of technology. This particular medium was not available, maybe 30 years down the line, and can be utilised now to save on the hiring process. This gives a head start to the candidate who has joined and allows quality work.

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