Employees Reference Check

Employees Reference Check

When it comes to an end-to-end recruitment process, Accel HR Consulting leaves no stone unturned. We are one of the finest background verification companies in Dubai that gives utmost importance to checking employee references before getting them on-board.For that, we have an in-house designated personnel who performs such verification tasks with the help of our trusted resources and tools.

As an experienced recruitment company, we strongly believe that an organization's recruitment goals can only be met with a thorough employee reference check. After all, the process not only adds credit to the candidates' profiles but it also helps you gather more information about them. With our experienced background checkers at Accel, you can be assured to only get the most accurate information about prospective candidates.

Every information is necessary

As your workforce becomes an extended identity of your organization, it is essential to indulge in a complete employee background check in Dubai. Knowing this basic fact, Accel HR Consulting spends ample of time to verify every single information about the candidates against your organization's requirements.

A thorough employee reference check with Accel HR Consulting can reap your organization several benefits.

  • Your organization can receive a host of additional essential information about candidates making it easy to choose the right candidate
  • An organized reference checking lets you distinguish between deserving and undeserving candidates within minimal time
  • It saves your organization's overhead costs
  • You can easily predict whether the candidate will be able to do justice to the job role and your organization
  • Such detailed information refrains you from hastily hiring wrong candidates which might otherwise result in failed employment or probation term

Apart from verifying candidate's identity cards and address proofs, our expert team connects with the references mentioned by the candidates through phone calls, emails or face to face meetings to closely verify the already available data. Through our personalized series of questions, we learn about the candidate's personal values, attitude, behaviour, strengths and weaknesses. We also try to gauge the EQ (Emotional Quotient) apart from the IQ and qualifications.

Past records do make a difference

Accel HR Consulting has a wide pool of qualified candidates globally. Hence, to choose the best from such superior talents, we precisely design the reference check processes.

We have a dedicated team that gathers all the data about candidate's past employment records including experience letters, salary receipts, and work profile verification. We also utilize our resources to gauge candidate's work ethics, expectations, professional conduct, and communication abilities. By cross-verifying the references, we're better able to determine the candidate's aptitude and work performance. That in turn enables you to make an informed decision about their candidature.

Is your company in dire need of accurate Employee Reference Check? Contact Accel HR Consulting and we will be more than happy to help you out.

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