Headhunting Services

Headhunting Services

Accel HR Consulting has been actively extending its services as one of the top headhunters Dubai since more than a decade. Our team of headhunters are immensely experienced when it comes to closing the topmost positions in your organization - From executives and senior managers to department heads, vice-presidents and CEOs. Finding the ideal talent for your firm becomes the sole mission of our alliance.

Being one of the top recruitment agencies in UAE, we take care of the entire recruitment lifecycle for hiring senior executives. Our years of experience in different industries are the reason why we can handle such diversified requirements with the same ease.

Hunting down the right talent, every time

Usually when it comes to hiring talent for senior positions, the management hesitates to connect with established recruitment agencies in Dubai. That's mostly because either they are highly doubtful of the success ratio or they already have ample of resources to do the task in-house. But most organizations fail to understand that nothing can be as beneficial to them as getting professional executive headhunters on-board, if they are really keen on finding the right talent.

If you are still among those confused lot of organizations hesitant of availing professional headhunting services in Dubai, following pointers might help you make the decision:

  • Professional headhunters can find the exact match, rather than a close match for your organization's value-added positions
  • Headhunters know the right process to source as well as connect with the best talent for the role
  • Headhunters can also initiate passive recruitment by reaching out to the best-fit potential candidates y who are not actively seeking a job-change
  • Your organization can get valuable inputs in devising an enticing salary offer that candidates won't be able to reject
  • A professional headhunting service can significantly save your organization's important time which a recruitment process requires

The proven process that drives results

Hiring for an organization's senior most positions is no cakewalk as one wrong selection can adversely affect the organization's success. Hence, a well-planned recruitment is essential to hire executives. That's where UAE's top headhuntersat Accel HR Consulting can come to your rescue. We follow our own set process which is adaptable to your organization's hiring requirements.

Our process includes:

  • Thoroughly understanding and identifying key requirements for the job-role through a meeting
  • Analysing your competitors and identifying any potential talents
  • Shortlisting the potential talents and connecting with them through the candidate's preferred method
  • Initial candidate screening carried out by the team
  • Conducting candidate's final interviews with your core team
  • Providing assistance with the post-selection phase, if needed

Reaching out to top talents

Reaching out to expert candidates of their respective field is an art that Accel HR Consulting has mastered over the years. Handling executive-level recruitment requires accurate planning and adequate execution, especially in the way candidates are identified and contacted. That's because most potential candidates are already leading a successful professional life and might not be willing for a job change.

Accel's headhunting services start with researching your competitors to find that ideal fit for the role. We also leverage our independent market research and professional networks to identify potential candidates. Once the sourcing is done, our team ensures the candidates are approached in the most hassle-free way. It may be through a call, an email, a quick series of texts or even messages on their social networks. In fact, we stress on asking the candidates' preferred communication method so that it doesn't leave any suspicion at their current organization and your market reputation. With Accel HR Consulting by your side, your firm will be able to hire only the best of the best talent.

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