HRMS Consulting Services

HRMS Consulting Services

Accel HR Consulting strongly believes that for any organization to succeed, there needs to be a robust human resource system. That is why we provide a well-defined HRMS consulting service in Dubai. We combine our knowledge, resources and technology to present your organization with an HRMS solution that effectively manages your human resource requirements as well as business processes.

No matter what your HR requirements are or at what stage you are seeking our alliance, Accel HR Consulting can come on-board with zero hassles. Our team has impeccable experience in skillfully handling the most complex of the human resource requirements in diversified industries. From managing recruitment process and employee data to payroll system, our HRMS consulting services include everything.

Our unique approach to HRMS services

As human resource is one of the key components of any organization's success, it has to be powerful and adaptive. Therefore, Accel ensures that each of its client organization gets a tailor-made HRMS solution that accelerates their growth.

Accel's fundamental process of HRMS consulting services include:

  • Thoroughly understanding your requirements and analysing system loopholes
  • Devising an HRMS plan and process that align with your organizational goals
  • Planning HR policies and a roadmap to follow them
  • Selecting the most beneficial HR tools for your organization

In fact, if your organization's current human resource plans are not in place, we can help you restructure them from scratch to obtain the desired results.

From design to implementation

Accel HR Consulting lends a helping hand in designing and implementing your organization structure and HR strategies as part of its HRMS consulting services globally. When we begin the organizational structure designing process, we ensure that it complies with your organization's existing principles perfectly. Moreover, our team constantly stays connected with your leaders to streamline your business priorities.

Once the organizational structure is set, it creates a smooth road to create effective HR strategies accordingly. Therefore, we carry out independent research of the current processes to formulate a result-oriented HR solution. We also provide assistance in implementing the same so that you don't hit a sudden roadblock.

We provide complete assistance

For employees' uninterrupted productivity and performance, it is essential to craft a detailed employee handbook that lists precise HR policies. The handbook should clearly define information such as, organizational rules and regulations, employment terms and leave policies, to avoid future conflicts. If you are clueless how to accomplish that, Accel HR Consulting can help you out!

Apart from creating the rule book, we can also carry out regular job analysis and evaluation services. The results of such analysis can aid you in examining the employees' performance and determine whether they are worthy of the role. The data obtained can then be useful for providing compensation and other relevant perks to the employees. After all, an appropriate compensation plan only increases employee satisfaction, productivity and loyalty.

We provide precise assessment solutions

It is essential for organizations to regularly carry out process and workforce assessment to make their future business decisions a success. We, being an end-to-end HRMS service providers, understand this fact and that is why, we efficiently cover your organization's assessment needs as well.

When it comes to workforce assessment, our expert team conducts various tests which is helpful in determining employees' aptitude and attitude towards work, their interests and objectives. We also rely heavily on our trusted HR metrics and analytic tools that lets you know whether the implemented HR policies are actually bringing in the desired ROIs.

We also design customized surveys for employees to determine their job-satisfaction level and happiness quotient. Other than these general assessment solutions, our gap analysis tool can help you formulate successful future HR policies to withstand the changing demands of your future HRMS requirements.

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