Orientation Program

Orientation Program

Providing one of the most leading and streamlined orientation programs in UAE, Accel HR Consulting can help your new employees make the move so that they are completely in sync with your company's culture and expectations. We have orientation experts that already know what it takes to organize a successful orientation which makes new employees excited to join your company and do their very best. At Accel, we provide end to end recruitment services, which means we can start by searching for the right candidates for your business and then help them migrate seamlessly.

A wholesome information about the company

An effective orientation is incomplete without complete organization details. Hence, the team at Accel first gathers all the necessary information from you to pass it along at the orientation process.

New recruits are always eager to know inside details of the organization they're about to join. That's why we provide a detailed account of information about your organization's work culture, dress code, core values, and mission. Apart from that, details such as communication methods, office hours, lunch timings, break timings, overtime policies, rules, security, salary transfer procedures are also completely covered. They are also informed about parking facilities and internet usage rules. In fact, employees are also given brief about their immediate reporting seniors.

Orientation program for international recruitment

As Accel HR Consulting is a global recruitment agency, we provide our orientation program services to international clients as well. In addition to briefing the employees about the organization's ethics and work culture, we outline the labor laws and other employment details about the country they will be migrating to. We also assist your organization in document verification, clearance and visa obtaining process.

Accel HR Consulting acts as a bridge between the recruits and the recruiters through employee orientation process.

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