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Policies and Procedures about HR

Being a full-service HR agency, Accel HR Consulting goes a step further by offering HR policies and procedure development services in Dubai. We work closely with your organization to create the most effective and suitable HR policies and procedure guidelines that align with your business requirements.

We develop customized HR policies and procedures

We, at Accel HR, believe that each and every organization has its own goals and ways of operating. That’s why we refrain from using a one-size-fits-all model. The experienced team at Accel HR spends ample amount of time with your decision makers to grasp your firm’s specific needs, mission, preferences and culture. That enables us to tailor-make the policies and procedures for your organization.

The policies developed by us will cover all the employment aspects and HR management principles starting from recruitment, Performance management, leave & attendance management, training and promotions to employee, incentives and selection processes. In simpler words, our policies will outline what can and can not be done by people of your organization. It will set the parameters for ideal code of conduct and work attitude.

Superior services, everytime

One of the biggest advantages of hiring Accel HR to develop your HR policies and procedures is that your team will be able to save a lot of time which they can use to focus on their core responsibilities. Creating accurate policy guidelines is a time-consuming process and only experts like us can handle that ata quick pace.

Since our team has developed such policies and procedures for numerous of industry verticals in Dubai, we are well-acquainted with the rules and limitations. That lets us include the best practices in your niche which also align with your business goals, which is not always possible with your in-house HR team.

A crystal clear set of policies and procedures will ultimately contribute in improving your organization’s efficiency.

You can reach out to us to begin working on your HR policy and procedure creation here.

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