Resume Writing Services

Resume Writing Services

Accel HR Consulting is a trusted name when it comes to resume writing services in Dubai. We extend our services to a large pool of job-seekers, both freshers and experienced professionals. With our quality resume writing services, we make sure your resume can stand out from the competition no matter what your industry or work experience is.

Our dedicated team of resume writers with years of experience know exactly what builds up an impressive resume and what completely ruins it. We transform your resume in a way that it highlights your skills and guarantees you a call back.

Our resume writing process that drives results

Resume writing is nothing less than an art and Accel has specialized artists for it. Our team follows a customized and meticulous process with result-oriented approach. At the end, what you get is a unique and custom crafted resume.

Let's take a closer look at the steps we follow:

  • Once jobseekers connect with us, we ask them to submit their current resume
  • After filling in the required information, jobseekers are distinguished based on their experience level
  • A dedicated expert is assigned to every jobseeker who would connect with them through calls to further understand their requirements
  • After identifying the requirements, first resume draft is prepared and sent to the jobseeker
  • Upon receiving the draft, jobseekers can provide their feedback for modifications until they are totally satisfied with their resume

Customized and cost-effective service

Accel doesn't believe in reusing the same templates over and over again for every resume that knocks on its doors. That's why our representatives spend significant amount of time in understanding the jobseeker's expectation out of our service. That lays a strong foundation for building an effective resume. We also help you create custom resumes according to the companies or job positions you are applying to in order to improve your chances of getting a call back. With our unique resumes, recruiters will be forced to stop and notice your amazing skills and past experiences.

A resume that guarantees callbacks

While you may already have a resume written by yourself, if its not driving results or getting your callbacks then it may be time for you to change. Your self-written ordinary resume may have all the information the recruiter needs to know but you have to add the information in the most appealing way possible. That's exactly what resume writers at Accel HR Consulting can help you with.

So if you are still confused whether to opt for a professional resume-writing service, following benefits might help you make that career-changing decision:

  • A professionally written resume will help you stand out among other applicants as it will create a positive first impression for you
  • As we custom-craft each resume, your resume will have unique design, typography and strategically placed content
  • It will subtly highlight your qualifications, objectives, accomplishments and talents
  • We provide a faster turn-around time for every resume writing commitment
  • Resume written by our experts ensures there are no errors and glitches at all

Take advantage of our global reach

Whenever you apply for a job, nationally or internationally, your resume is the first thing that speaks for you, on your behalf. As recruiters have to go through a pile of resumes to select that one ideal candidate, it is only wise that you invest to make an impact through your resume, especially to land up with an overseas job.

As Accel HR Consulting is a reputed name in the recruitment sector globally, our resume writing services cater to international markets as well. We know what should be included and what should be left out in the resume if the jobseeker wants to work and settle abroad. Resumes written by our experts effectively meet the international quality and formatting standards.

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