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Recruitment Services

At Accel HR Consulting, we eat, breathe, and live recruitment. With more than 12 years of industry experience, we have successfully carved a niche which has made us one of the leading recruitment firms in Dubai. Our unique approach towards traditional recruitment processes is what sets us apart.

We provide partial to complete recruitment services to companies of different sizes and industries. Our experienced and talented recruiters can help your organization successfully close any number of vacant positions seamlessly.

The recruitment process which yields results

We, at Accel HR Consulting, understand that every organization has distinct hiring requirements for different positions. Therefore, we make sure that our recruitment process for firms is not identical. Instead, we design our recruitment process by keeping in mind your distinct requirements and end goals.

As one of the widely trusted full-service Middle East recruitment agency, we help your organization throughout the recruitment life cycle. If that already got you curious about what makes our recruitment process a hit, let's delve into the detailed stages of it:

  • Identifying your organization's requirements and expectations from recruitment
  • Coming up with a unique recruitment plan that best fits your needs
  • Crafting the ideal candidate qualities for the required job profile
  • Posting job requirements on various recruitment channels, including professional social networking sites
  • Shortlisting appropriate candidates through personalized offline and online methods
  • Carrying out the pre-screening process to forward only the best suitable candidates to you for further rounds of interview
  • Assisting your internal team with the candidate-selection process
  • Handling the final procedure of document collection and verification of the selected candidate

Sourcing talent that fits your business needs

When your organization's internal HR department already has a lot more on their platter, finding the time to search and shortlist the right candidate for vacant job positions can be incredibly difficult. After all besides recruitment, the HR department has to handle the organization's internal processes as well such as employee training, payroll and benefits. That makes it impossible for them to solely focus on organization's recruitment needs. By hiring the best recruitment agencies in Dubai, like Accel HR Consulting, you can let your HR department handle the core needs of your business while we help you in recruiting the right candidates.

At Accel, we sort the candidates based on their qualifications and soft skills after initial sourcing. While carrying out the pre-screening process, we also analyse the candidates' social skills and emotional quotient to decide whether they fit into your organization's culture and environment.

Looking beyond the curriculum vitae

To select only the most deserving candidate, it is essential to gather as much information as possible about them. For that, Accel's team makes sure to follow every crucial task including cross-verifying candidates' personal and professional details and reaching out to candidates' references to acquire relevant deeper information about them such as their professional conduct, behaviour and objectives.

Breaking the communication barriers

When you get Accel HR Consulting on-board for your recruitment needs, we strive to become your recruitment partner in every possible way. We take charge of everything right from the initial requirement identification phase to the post-selection stage, handling all the communication between shortlisted candidates and your organization. So whether it is calling and emailing the candidates, scheduling interviews, dealing with correspondence and documents, or contacting the selected candidates; we handle everything for you. Accel HR Consulting is your one-stop recruitment solution company.

Psychometric Assessments

Worried about hiring the wrong candidate? Accel HR Consulting can come to your rescue with its psychometric assessment services in Dubai. Psychometric assessment has slowly but steadily garnered an irreplaceable position in the recruitment process of organizations across the world.

After all you only want to hire the very best talent for your company. The assessment provides an objective and fair insight into the applicant’s candidature, which in turn helps you in choosing the correct candidate.

What is a psychometric assessment?

Psychometric assessments are highly resourceful in numerous candidate attributes including behavior, skills, preferences, and current as well as future work potential.

At Accel HR Consulting, we offer a range of customised psychometric assessments that fit your organization’s requirements, allowing you to easily assess candidates based on skills, traits, and work culture you expect.

How our assessments can help your organization

The psychometric assessments by Accel HR Consulting will enable you to decide whether a candidate is the best fit for your organization. Apart from candidate’s values, personality and capabilities, the assessment will also gauge whether the objectives and goals of your organization align with the candidate’s.

Our assessments play an important role in analysing your firm’s strength as a team. It can also be a handy tool when it comes to outlining the scope of employee development, organization’s culture evaluation, human resource frameworks and structure.

The results of such assessments will let you craft effective organizational strategies and lead a more productive workforce. With the risk of hiring a wrong candidate reduced, you will also be able to save on training costs while maintaining high employee performance and an overall quality of your workforce. For your business, that means, It will become much more easier to hire the right talent for the right role.

To get started with our psychometric assessments, all you need to do is connect with us

Headhunting Services

Accel HR Consulting has been actively extending its services as one of the top headhunters Dubai since more than a decade. Our team of headhunters are immensely experienced when it comes to closing the topmost positions in your organization - From executives and senior managers to department heads, vice-presidents and CEOs. Finding the ideal talent for your firm becomes the sole mission of our alliance.

Being one of the top recruitment agencies in UAE, we take care of the entire recruitment lifecycle for hiring senior executives. Our years of experience in different industries are the reason why we can handle such diversified requirements with the same ease.

Hunting down the right talent, every time

Usually when it comes to hiring talent for senior positions, the management hesitates to connect with established recruitment agencies in Dubai. That's mostly because either they are highly doubtful of the success ratio or they already have ample of resources to do the task in-house. But most organizations fail to understand that nothing can be as beneficial to them as getting professional executive headhunters on-board, if they are really keen on finding the right talent.

If you are still among those confused lot of organizations hesitant of availing professional headhunting services in Dubai, following pointers might help you make the decision:

  • Professional headhunters can find the exact match, rather than a close match for your organization's value-added positions
  • Headhunters know the right process to source as well as connect with the best talent for the role
  • Headhunters can also initiate passive recruitment by reaching out to the best-fit potential candidates y who are not actively seeking a job-change
  • Your organization can get valuable inputs in devising an enticing salary offer that candidates won't be able to reject
  • A professional headhunting service can significantly save your organization's important time which a recruitment process requires

The proven process that drives results

Hiring for an organization's senior most positions is no cakewalk as one wrong selection can adversely affect the organization's success. Hence, a well-planned recruitment is essential to hire executives. That's where UAE's top headhuntersat Accel HR Consulting can come to your rescue. We follow our own set process which is adaptable to your organization's hiring requirements.

Our process includes:

  • Thoroughly understanding and identifying key requirements for the job-role through a meeting
  • Analysing your competitors and identifying any potential talents
  • Shortlisting the potential talents and connecting with them through the candidate's preferred method
  • Initial candidate screening carried out by the team
  • Conducting candidate's final interviews with your core team
  • Providing assistance with the post-selection phase, if needed

Reaching out to top talents

Reaching out to expert candidates of their respective field is an art that Accel HR Consulting has mastered over the years. Handling executive-level recruitment requires accurate planning and adequate execution, especially in the way candidates are identified and contacted. That's because most potential candidates are already leading a successful professional life and might not be willing for a job change.

Accel's headhunting services start with researching your competitors to find that ideal fit for the role. We also leverage our independent market research and professional networks to identify potential candidates. Once the sourcing is done, our team ensures the candidates are approached in the most hassle-free way. It may be through a call, an email, a quick series of texts or even messages on their social networks. In fact, we stress on asking the candidates' preferred communication method so that it doesn't leave any suspicion at their current organization and your market reputation. With Accel HR Consulting by your side, your firm will be able to hire only the best of the best talent.

International Recruitment

Regarded as one of the best recruitment agencies in Dubai, Accel HR Consulting, helps organizations with their ever-increasing demand for global talents. Thanks to our talented recruiters and successful outcomes, we have been successfully providing over 500 global clients with our international recruitment solutions for more than a decade now.

As a Middle East recruitment agency, we take it upon ourselves to find the best suited candidates for your company's recruitment needs. Whether your company requires a trainee engineer, a senior consultant, or an CEO; we fulfill your hiring requirements by going beyond geographical boundaries.

An exceptional international recruitment process

Accel HR Consulting is one of the leading full-service recruitment firms in Dubai that provide different types of international staffing solutions across industries like travel and tourism, construction, hospital, retail, media, marketing, e-commerce, hospitality, logistics, engineering, manufacturing and more. From project-based openings to permanent positions, we have successfully placed more than 2000 candidates in 15 countries including Malaysia, Egypt, Philippines and India.

Our team of recruiters possess more than 12 years of recruiting experience in national as well as international hiring processes. In addition, our diversified global clientele has exposed us to the underlying requirements of each industry, which helps us to come up with unique industry-specific solutions each and every time.

How our process is different?

  • Identifying your recruitment expectations, requirements and organization structure
  • Outlining the skills required from the ideal candidate
  • Source the best candidates from our vast database pool and job ad postings
  • Pre-screening candidates with interviews
  • Finalizing the candidate and managing other formalities like reference check, visa, immigration, and orientation

Find candidates that are the perfect fit

Being one of the best recruitment agencies in Dubai, UAE, Accel HR Consulting firmly believes in sourcing candidates who can easily fit into your organizational culture from day one. That's why apart from qualifications, we also stress on analysing the candidates' adaptiveness, expectations and career goals as well while initial screening. After all, a culturally fit and involved candidate would be able to contribute more towards your business growth than just another qualified individual.

Get the most accurate candidate information

Our recruitment team ensures to collect as much information as possible about the potential candidates to help you hire the ideal one. For that, we rigorously carry out candidates' background check including their personal and previous employment details.

Apart from that, our international recruitment process also requires candidates to undergo the necessary medical check ups. While these tests help to ascertain the candidates' fitness to join your overseas company, it also saves your precious time and aids in choosing the right candidate.

Helping with migration process

Accel HR Consulting makes the process of hiring talent from foreign countries incredibly smooth. As we have more than a decade of experience in handling international recruitment, we're thoroughly in-line with the immigration and visa requirements of various countries. It helps us ensure there are no delays in furnishing the required permits and documents to facilitate a quick candidate-joining.

Bridging the gap between candidate and organization

Accel HR Consulting believes in being the medium between organizations and candidates. That's why after successful selection, we take the responsibility of guiding the candidates through the organization's culture, ethics, safety, and labour laws of that particular country and all such necessary information so that the candidates' transition becomes positive and relatively smoother.

Manpower Services

Accel HR Consulting is considered as one of the leading manpower consultancy in Dubai that provides end-to-end recruitment solutions. With our vast industry experience spanning over 12 years, we understand the importance of hiring the right talent for the right role. For that, we rely on our highly flexible and customizable manpower solutions, which makes us stand out among all the other recruitment agencies in Dubai.

By working as an extension to your organization, we are able to better fulfill your manpower requirements. With Accel, you can always be sure to find the right talent for your company.

Providing impeccable manpower recruitment

When it comes to hiring manpower, organizations often feel stuck. They either lack sufficient resources, time, or funds. The situation can leads to hiring wrong people, which can be harmful for your organization in the long run. That's where manpower services by Accel HR Consulting can come to your rescue. One of the reasons why we are one the topmost Dubai manpower agency is because we follow a set of procedures to meet desired manpower standards.

The stages of our manpower solutions include:

  • Spending sufficient time to identify your organization's personnel requirements
  • Coming up with a desired candidate profile description based on your requirements and getting it approved from your requirements
  • Finding and shortlisting suitable candidates and after initial screening, forward their profiles to you
  • Scheduling interviews and coordinating with the candidates for the same
  • Providing complete support to the candidate for the post-selection procedure

Optimum use of resources for candidates sourcing

The expert team at Accel HR Consultants, rely on various resources to find manpower in Dubai and across the world. Apart from headhunting, we extensively utilize digital platforms as well such as job portals and professional social network, for sourcing the right manpower for your organization.

We don't just post requirements on digital platforms, but we also analyse the social profiles of potential candidates to gauge their interest levels and career goals. Our team then gets connected with the shortlisted candidates through calls or emails for further discussion.

A meticulous approach to hiring

Manpower requirements of organizations keep fluctuating from time to time. By partnering with Accel HR Consulting, you get the flexibility you need. We step in when you have manpower requirements and we find the right candidates for all the open positions. Once the requirements are met, we step back just as easily.

Our team sources the right talent to close the open positions in your firm. We serve all kinds of industries globally. In fact, our international recruitment solutions also include visa and immigration processing assistance to take off the additional burden from you. All in all, our goal is to provide you with apt manpower solutions in a time-bound manner.

Associating with Accel HR Consulting for your recruitment needs can prove to be beneficial for your firm in a number of ways, including:

  • We have a huge pool of global candidate database that keeps increasing everyday
  • By letting us on-board, your organization saves a lot of time that a recruitment process typically requires
  • By partnering with us, you can considerably save on your organization's recruitment cost as our solutions are cost-effective and scalable
  • Our extensive experience and adaptable processes let us close the positions faster than your expectations.

End to end solutions

Accel HR Consulting believes in providing successful end-to-end manpower services. Our work starts when you first approach us with your requirements and it doesn't end with candidate selection. We also carry out the pre-selection processes like candidate screening and scheduling interviews, handling post-selection processes also come under our responsibilities.

We collect all the necessary information with document proofs such as, identity cards and salary slips, of the selected candidate. We thoroughly educate the candidate about your organization's laws and culture. In the case of migration, we handle visa processing and health check-ups too.

Employees Reference Check

When it comes to an end-to-end recruitment process, Accel HR Consulting leaves no stone unturned. We are one of the finest background verification companies in Dubai that gives utmost importance to checking employee references before getting them on-board.For that, we have an in-house designated personnel who performs such verification tasks with the help of our trusted resources and tools.

As an experienced recruitment company, we strongly believe that an organization's recruitment goals can only be met with a thorough employee reference check. After all, the process not only adds credit to the candidates' profiles but it also helps you gather more information about them. With our experienced background checkers at Accel, you can be assured to only get the most accurate information about prospective candidates.

Every information is necessary

As your workforce becomes an extended identity of your organization, it is essential to indulge in a complete employee background check in Dubai. Knowing this basic fact, Accel HR Consulting spends ample of time to verify every single information about the candidates against your organization's requirements.

A thorough employee reference check with Accel HR Consulting can reap your organization several benefits.

  • Your organization can receive a host of additional essential information about candidates making it easy to choose the right candidate
  • An organized reference checking lets you distinguish between deserving and undeserving candidates within minimal time
  • It saves your organization's overhead costs
  • You can easily predict whether the candidate will be able to do justice to the job role and your organization
  • Such detailed information refrains you from hastily hiring wrong candidates which might otherwise result in failed employment or probation term

Apart from verifying candidate's identity cards and address proofs, our expert team connects with the references mentioned by the candidates through phone calls, emails or face to face meetings to closely verify the already available data. Through our personalized series of questions, we learn about the candidate's personal values, attitude, behaviour, strengths and weaknesses. We also try to gauge the EQ (Emotional Quotient) apart from the IQ and qualifications.

Past records do make a difference

Accel HR Consulting has a wide pool of qualified candidates globally. Hence, to choose the best from such superior talents, we precisely design the reference check processes.

We have a dedicated team that gathers all the data about candidate's past employment records including experience letters, salary receipts, and work profile verification. We also utilize our resources to gauge candidate's work ethics, expectations, professional conduct, and communication abilities. By cross-verifying the references, we're better able to determine the candidate's aptitude and work performance. That in turn enables you to make an informed decision about their candidature.

Is your company in dire need of accurate Employee Reference Check? Contact Accel HR Consulting and we will be more than happy to help you out.

Orientation Program

Providing one of the most leading and streamlined orientation programs in UAE, Accel HR Consulting can help your new employees make the move so that they are completely in sync with your company's culture and expectations. We have orientation experts that already know what it takes to organize a successful orientation which makes new employees excited to join your company and do their very best. At Accel, we provide end to end recruitment services, which means we can start by searching for the right candidates for your business and then help them migrate seamlessly.

A wholesome information about the company

An effective orientation is incomplete without complete organization details. Hence, the team at Accel first gathers all the necessary information from you to pass it along at the orientation process.

New recruits are always eager to know inside details of the organization they're about to join. That's why we provide a detailed account of information about your organization's work culture, dress code, core values, and mission. Apart from that, details such as communication methods, office hours, lunch timings, break timings, overtime policies, rules, security, salary transfer procedures are also completely covered. They are also informed about parking facilities and internet usage rules. In fact, employees are also given brief about their immediate reporting seniors.

Orientation program for international recruitment

As Accel HR Consulting is a global recruitment agency, we provide our orientation program services to international clients as well. In addition to briefing the employees about the organization's ethics and work culture, we outline the labor laws and other employment details about the country they will be migrating to. We also assist your organization in document verification, clearance and visa obtaining process.

Accel HR Consulting acts as a bridge between the recruits and the recruiters through employee orientation process.

HRMS Consulting Services

Accel HR Consulting strongly believes that for any organization to succeed, there needs to be a robust human resource system. That is why we provide a well-defined HRMS consulting service in Dubai. We combine our knowledge, resources and technology to present your organization with an HRMS solution that effectively manages your human resource requirements as well as business processes.

No matter what your HR requirements are or at what stage you are seeking our alliance, Accel HR Consulting can come on-board with zero hassles. Our team has impeccable experience in skillfully handling the most complex of the human resource requirements in diversified industries. From managing recruitment process and employee data to payroll system, our HRMS consulting services include everything.

Our unique approach to HRMS services

As human resource is one of the key components of any organization's success, it has to be powerful and adaptive. Therefore, Accel ensures that each of its client organization gets a tailor-made HRMS solution that accelerates their growth.

Accel's fundamental process of HRMS consulting services include:

  • Thoroughly understanding your requirements and analysing system loopholes
  • Devising an HRMS plan and process that align with your organizational goals
  • Planning HR policies and a roadmap to follow them
  • Selecting the most beneficial HR tools for your organization

In fact, if your organization's current human resource plans are not in place, we can help you restructure them from scratch to obtain the desired results.

From design to implementation

Accel HR Consulting lends a helping hand in designing and implementing your organization structure and HR strategies as part of its HRMS consulting services globally. When we begin the organizational structure designing process, we ensure that it complies with your organization's existing principles perfectly. Moreover, our team constantly stays connected with your leaders to streamline your business priorities.

Once the organizational structure is set, it creates a smooth road to create effective HR strategies accordingly. Therefore, we carry out independent research of the current processes to formulate a result-oriented HR solution. We also provide assistance in implementing the same so that you don't hit a sudden roadblock.

We provide complete assistance

For employees' uninterrupted productivity and performance, it is essential to craft a detailed employee handbook that lists precise HR policies. The handbook should clearly define information such as, organizational rules and regulations, employment terms and leave policies, to avoid future conflicts. If you are clueless how to accomplish that, Accel HR Consulting can help you out!

Apart from creating the rule book, we can also carry out regular job analysis and evaluation services. The results of such analysis can aid you in examining the employees' performance and determine whether they are worthy of the role. The data obtained can then be useful for providing compensation and other relevant perks to the employees. After all, an appropriate compensation plan only increases employee satisfaction, productivity and loyalty.

We provide precise assessment solutions

It is essential for organizations to regularly carry out process and workforce assessment to make their future business decisions a success. We, being an end-to-end HRMS service providers, understand this fact and that is why, we efficiently cover your organization's assessment needs as well.

When it comes to workforce assessment, our expert team conducts various tests which is helpful in determining employees' aptitude and attitude towards work, their interests and objectives. We also rely heavily on our trusted HR metrics and analytic tools that lets you know whether the implemented HR policies are actually bringing in the desired ROIs.

We also design customized surveys for employees to determine their job-satisfaction level and happiness quotient. Other than these general assessment solutions, our gap analysis tool can help you formulate successful future HR policies to withstand the changing demands of your future HRMS requirements.

Employee Handbook

Accel HR Consulting, one of Dubai’s leading HR consulting and recruitment agencies, understands how much importance employee handbooks hold, both for employees and organizations. We help companies create and develop customized employee handbooks that align with their business principles and philosophies.

Creating precise employee handbooks is our forte

With several years of experience in HR consulting and recruitment, we at Accel HR don’t just understand different industry verticals, but also their requirements and biggest challenges. Hence, we go the extra mile to custom make employee handbooks that not only speak your organization’s language but also becomes your firm’s extended identity.

The handbooks created by Accel HR will incorporate all the things expected of the employees and vice versa. From organization rules, to procedures and policies, FAQs, and other significant information; every single aspect will be covered in the most understandable manner.

Apart from underlining the correct attitude and work ethics, the handbook will also feature resources that employees can utilize. While it will effortlessly capture payment methods and incentive modules. At the same time, it will also make the employees feel truly valued.

Our handbooks cater to a global audience

Based in Dubai, Accel HR knows how to serve the information that can easily cater to the cosmopolitan citizens of Emirates. Hence, our employee handbook services are available in English as well as Arabic language. So even if your organization’s major percentage of employees have Arabic as their primary language, we can craft the book in Arabic.

Our employee handbooks will set the foundations of a positive organizational culture while also subtly outlining responsibilities of the team members. As the employee expectations and business goals will be clearly stated, it will bring performance improvements across all the levels of the organization.

Contact us to get started with your organization’s very own employee handbook.

Organization Restructuring

Accel HR Consulting is a top choice when it comes to organization restructuring services in Dubai. For companies, organization restructuring acts as a roadmap to get the most out of their employees when the business is transitioning. By partnering with Accel, you can ensure your business smoothly sails through the restructuring, merger and layoff period with the help of a strong remodeling plan.

We make organization restructuring seamless

Any organization that wants to expand and grow, has to implement major changes in its policies, operations, and processes, which in turn sets the path for the organization’s evolution. However as the company evolves, it becomes necessary that its people also evolve along the way and align with the changing organizational dynamics Accel HR’s restructuring plan helps you achieve exactly that.

Our organization restructuring plan will ensure all the components of your organization are truly adaptive and prepared for the transition. The plan will also influence the way your firm makes critical business decisions and maximize output from existing talent. Since the changing dynamics will also open doors for new talent, we can also help in crafting an effective hiring strategy.

The highly efficient approach that we follow

Since every business is different than the other, we follow a unique and customized approach when it comes to organization restructuring. We start by understanding your objectives and requirements based on which we present the project scope. It includes every aspect of your firm from finance to recruitment.

Our plan also incorporates the projected growth and the means to monitor the progress. We get down right into making things work positively for your organization. Becoming an integral part of your team every step of the way, is the promise that we stand by.

Our remodeling plan is result-oriented and it will help pave the way for your business to handle the most complicated of situations with utmost ease.

Policies and Procedures about HR

Being a full-service HR agency, Accel HR Consulting goes a step further by offering HR policies and procedure development services in Dubai. We work closely with your organization to create the most effective and suitable HR policies and procedure guidelines that align with your business requirements.

We develop customized HR policies and procedures

We, at Accel HR, believe that each and every organization has its own goals and ways of operating. That’s why we refrain from using a one-size-fits-all model. The experienced team at Accel HR spends ample amount of time with your decision makers to grasp your firm’s specific needs, mission, preferences and culture. That enables us to tailor-make the policies and procedures for your organization.

The policies developed by us will cover all the employment aspects and HR management principles starting from recruitment, Performance management, leave & attendance management, training and promotions to employee, incentives and selection processes. In simpler words, our policies will outline what can and can not be done by people of your organization. It will set the parameters for ideal code of conduct and work attitude.

Superior services, everytime

One of the biggest advantages of hiring Accel HR to develop your HR policies and procedures is that your team will be able to save a lot of time which they can use to focus on their core responsibilities. Creating accurate policy guidelines is a time-consuming process and only experts like us can handle that ata quick pace.

Since our team has developed such policies and procedures for numerous of industry verticals in Dubai, we are well-acquainted with the rules and limitations. That lets us include the best practices in your niche which also align with your business goals, which is not always possible with your in-house HR team.

A crystal clear set of policies and procedures will ultimately contribute in improving your organization’s efficiency.

You can reach out to us to begin working on your HR policy and procedure creation here.

Resume Writing Services

Accel HR Consulting is a trusted name when it comes to resume writing services in Dubai. We extend our services to a large pool of job-seekers, both freshers and experienced professionals. With our quality resume writing services, we make sure your resume can stand out from the competition no matter what your industry or work experience is.

Our dedicated team of resume writers with years of experience know exactly what builds up an impressive resume and what completely ruins it. We transform your resume in a way that it highlights your skills and guarantees you a call back.

Our resume writing process that drives results

Resume writing is nothing less than an art and Accel has specialized artists for it. Our team follows a customized and meticulous process with result-oriented approach. At the end, what you get is a unique and custom crafted resume.

Let's take a closer look at the steps we follow:

  • Once jobseekers connect with us, we ask them to submit their current resume
  • After filling in the required information, jobseekers are distinguished based on their experience level
  • A dedicated expert is assigned to every jobseeker who would connect with them through calls to further understand their requirements
  • After identifying the requirements, first resume draft is prepared and sent to the jobseeker
  • Upon receiving the draft, jobseekers can provide their feedback for modifications until they are totally satisfied with their resume

Customized and cost-effective service

Accel doesn't believe in reusing the same templates over and over again for every resume that knocks on its doors. That's why our representatives spend significant amount of time in understanding the jobseeker's expectation out of our service. That lays a strong foundation for building an effective resume. We also help you create custom resumes according to the companies or job positions you are applying to in order to improve your chances of getting a call back. With our unique resumes, recruiters will be forced to stop and notice your amazing skills and past experiences.

A resume that guarantees callbacks

While you may already have a resume written by yourself, if its not driving results or getting your callbacks then it may be time for you to change. Your self-written ordinary resume may have all the information the recruiter needs to know but you have to add the information in the most appealing way possible. That's exactly what resume writers at Accel HR Consulting can help you with.

So if you are still confused whether to opt for a professional resume-writing service, following benefits might help you make that career-changing decision:

  • A professionally written resume will help you stand out among other applicants as it will create a positive first impression for you
  • As we custom-craft each resume, your resume will have unique design, typography and strategically placed content
  • It will subtly highlight your qualifications, objectives, accomplishments and talents
  • We provide a faster turn-around time for every resume writing commitment
  • Resume written by our experts ensures there are no errors and glitches at all

Take advantage of our global reach

Whenever you apply for a job, nationally or internationally, your resume is the first thing that speaks for you, on your behalf. As recruiters have to go through a pile of resumes to select that one ideal candidate, it is only wise that you invest to make an impact through your resume, especially to land up with an overseas job.

As Accel HR Consulting is a reputed name in the recruitment sector globally, our resume writing services cater to international markets as well. We know what should be included and what should be left out in the resume if the jobseeker wants to work and settle abroad. Resumes written by our experts effectively meet the international quality and formatting standards.

Career Support Services

Apart from the greater responsibilities of handling end-to-end recruitment lifecycle, Accel HR Consulting also render valuable career support services in Dubai. Accel's insightful career support services can help take your your career to the next level whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional. We leverage our years of recruitment experience to help build a strong foundation for your career.

Once you decide to avail our career support services, our team spends considerable time in analysing your profile, skill sets, and career aspirations. We identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on them our reliable processes.

Take your career to new heights with Accel

We can help you overcome your career obstacles through our result-oriented methods so that you can achieve your career goals at the right time.

Availing such career services can give your career a new direction and a lot more benefits; including:

  • You get professional advice from our team of industry experts and they help you in everything right from building an impressive resume to developing the core and soft skills
  • You can avail constructive advice and techniques to confidently prepare for and attend interviews
  • Since we poss wider industry reach, we are able to explore well-updated and relevant job opportunities that suit your skills
  • If working and settling abroad is your target, a well-designed career support service can help fulfil your dreams through carefully-crafted steps
  • You can get helpful career counselling from experts if you are experiencing any kind of career-crisis and want to switch to a different industry

In today's world of cut-throat competition, it is essential for professionals and jobseekers to stand out from the crowd. Possessing skills is not enough, you need to showcase them in the right way to the right people. That's exactly what Accel's expert team can help you do.

Training and Development

Being a full-service recruitment agency, Accel HR Consulting understands the importance of conducting regular training and development sessions for any organization's growth. Therefore, we have incorporated training and development programs in Dubai as part of our core services. We conduct specialized training programs for professionals, groups as well as organizations of all stature and sizes.

Train and develop skills of your team

Any organization that wants to spread its wings must invest in regular training and development of its employees. After all, without proper training and knowledge it is impossible to have the right career growth. Every organization needs to conduct an employee training and development sessions for many reasons, including:

  • A thorough training lets employees understand their job role accurately which in turn enables them to work independently or with minimal supervision
  • Every employee's need for growth, motivation and self-worth at work are collectively satisfied which adds fuel to their productivity level
  • A regular skill upgradation and development program helps your firm retain valuable talent
  • As your organization's whole team gets to update their skill set, it uplifts your business planning, process designing, and execution cycle
  • As the core productivity of your organization increases, you reach closer to achieving your business goals

Services provided by Accel

1) Customer service training
With Accel's customer service training program, your customer service team will be able to handle customers more responsibly and positively. Our customer interaction training will help your team maintain pleasant customer relationships that will ultimately result in increased customer satisfaction.

2) Sales training
Increased sales percentage equals to more profit. However, to accomplish more sales the organization needs an expert sales team. That's why Accel provides a complete sales training program which covers everything from initial prospect analysis and negotiation skills to selling and account management skills.

3) Learn techniques for successful interview results
With Accel's interview training program, your chances for getting hired will increase drastically. You can learn key techniques for desired interview results such as preparing for the interview, making positive first impression and developing confident body language.

4) Stress management training
Stress at workplace is inevitable but Accel HR Consulting has a solution for that as well. With our well-structured stress management training programs and tools, your workforce would be better able to deal with everyday stress.

5) Time management training
For any business organization, time is money. Therefore, it is essential that your workforce utilizes their time wisely. We, at Accel HR Consulting, provide time management training that lets your workforce plan, prioritize and execute tasks in a more time-saving and organized manner than ever before.

6) Telephonic etiquettes training
Answering telephonic business communication in the right way can yield business results as well as retain and acquire new customers. That's why Accel offers telephonic etiquettes training program that focuses on improving your employees' telephonic skills and mannerisms.

7) Customer profiling training
Accel's customer profiling training program can help your business streamline an ideal customer profile, on whom your business should spend resources for selling the products or services. In other words, it would help you target the right customers who would bring in the desired revenue.

8) Team building
You can take maximum advantage of Accel's team building programs that would strengthen the interpersonal relationships of your team. Our highly engaging and interactive team building module will bind your team together while making them more cooperative and supportive of each other.

9) Leadership training
Accel's leadership training programs can instill and improve leadership skills in individuals or a group of employees significantly. With our customized tools and techniques, the program caters to leaders at all levels - from aspiring ones to leaders already holding senior most positions.

10) Customized trainings as per company requirements
As every organization's training requirements are different, Accel doesn't stick to one-training-module-fits-all method. We understand your requirements and come up with distinct customized training modules to fulfill them efficiently.

Accel implements impeccable training programs

Accel has been working with global clientele since its establishment, hence the underlying requirements and techniques for a successful training program are not alien to us. From soft-skills and job training for fresh recruits to corporate training and detailed employee development programs, we cater to the requirements of varied industries efficiently.

Once you convey your requirements to us, our experienced team indulges in precise research and planning to come up with an effective training module for your organization. With Accel's training and development programs, your organization will be able to uncover hidden talent among your team.

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