Training & Development

Training and Development

Being a full-service recruitment agency, Accel HR Consulting understands the importance of conducting regular training and development sessions for any organization's growth. Therefore, we have incorporated training and development programs in Dubai as part of our core services. We conduct specialized training programs for professionals, groups as well as organizations of all stature and sizes.

Train and develop skills of your team

Any organization that wants to spread its wings must invest in regular training and development of its employees. After all, without proper training and knowledge it is impossible to have the right career growth. Every organization needs to conduct an employee training and development sessions for many reasons, including:

  • A thorough training lets employees understand their job role accurately which in turn enables them to work independently or with minimal supervision
  • Every employee's need for growth, motivation and self-worth at work are collectively satisfied which adds fuel to their productivity level
  • A regular skill upgradation and development program helps your firm retain valuable talent
  • As your organization's whole team gets to update their skill set, it uplifts your business planning, process designing, and execution cycle
  • As the core productivity of your organization increases, you reach closer to achieving your business goals

Services provided by Accel

1) Customer service training
With Accel's customer service training program, your customer service team will be able to handle customers more responsibly and positively. Our customer interaction training will help your team maintain pleasant customer relationships that will ultimately result in increased customer satisfaction.

2) Sales training
Increased sales percentage equals to more profit. However, to accomplish more sales the organization needs an expert sales team. That's why Accel provides a complete sales training program which covers everything from initial prospect analysis and negotiation skills to selling and account management skills.

3) Learn techniques for successful interview results
With Accel's interview training program, your chances for getting hired will increase drastically. You can learn key techniques for desired interview results such as preparing for the interview, making positive first impression and developing confident body language.

4) Stress management training
Stress at workplace is inevitable but Accel HR Consulting has a solution for that as well. With our well-structured stress management training programs and tools, your workforce would be better able to deal with everyday stress.

5) Time management training
For any business organization, time is money. Therefore, it is essential that your workforce utilizes their time wisely. We, at Accel HR Consulting, provide time management training that lets your workforce plan, prioritize and execute tasks in a more time-saving and organized manner than ever before.

6) Telephonic etiquettes training
Answering telephonic business communication in the right way can yield business results as well as retain and acquire new customers. That's why Accel offers telephonic etiquettes training program that focuses on improving your employees' telephonic skills and mannerisms.

7) Customer profiling training
Accel's customer profiling training program can help your business streamline an ideal customer profile, on whom your business should spend resources for selling the products or services. In other words, it would help you target the right customers who would bring in the desired revenue.

8) Team building
You can take maximum advantage of Accel's team building programs that would strengthen the interpersonal relationships of your team. Our highly engaging and interactive team building module will bind your team together while making them more cooperative and supportive of each other.

9) Leadership training
Accel's leadership training programs can instill and improve leadership skills in individuals or a group of employees significantly. With our customized tools and techniques, the program caters to leaders at all levels - from aspiring ones to leaders already holding senior most positions.

10) Customized trainings as per company requirements
As every organization's training requirements are different, Accel doesn't stick to one-training-module-fits-all method. We understand your requirements and come up with distinct customized training modules to fulfill them efficiently.

Accel implements impeccable training programs

Accel has been working with global clientele since its establishment, hence the underlying requirements and techniques for a successful training program are not alien to us. From soft-skills and job training for fresh recruits to corporate training and detailed employee development programs, we cater to the requirements of varied industries efficiently.

Once you convey your requirements to us, our experienced team indulges in precise research and planning to come up with an effective training module for your organization. With Accel's training and development programs, your organization will be able to uncover hidden talent among your team.

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